Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two bears in the Giant Forest, Sequoia National Forest [Sun 7/19/09]

"Little Buddy" is a 2-yr old black bear I filmed during a "Land of the Giants" nature walk in Giant Forest, Sequoia National Forest. Dawn Ryan, our ranger, was worried about Buddy because a recent report had a tourist feeding Buddy a sandwich, chips, & a drink. She was worried that he would get used to "human" food...and possibly have to be shot.

We saw "Little Buddy" twice during our walk, but the second time he was behind a lot of trees, with no good shots.

The two shots below are of an older bear on the Alta Trail, headed north from the Giant Forest Museum to the General Sherman tree. We surprised each other, and I saw this bear bounding away from me. Wouldn't you know, my camera batteries chose just that moment to die... I had to put in new batteries. Lucky to get any shots at all. :-)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kings Canyon: Moro Rock, Tunnel Rock, & the Sequoias (Parker Group) [Sat 7/18/09]

View from the top of Moro Rock in the Sequoia National Forest

Some photos from the Facebook album (94 pics)

The Parker Group of Sequoias on the way to Tunnel Rock in the Sequoia National Forest.

Kimba2007 @Flickr shot a nice photo (on black) at Flickr (on white). The kids in the photo give some perspective of the size of these majestic trees.

Sequoia National Forest is free on Sat 7/18/09 - Sun 7/19/09 & Sat 8/15/09 - Sun 8/16/09 (normally $20, yearly pass $30).

Camp Fareta 2009 [Sun 7/12/09 - Sat 7/18/09]

I made a new blog for Camp Fareta pictures/videos at http://campfareta.blogspot.com.